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Artificial Intelligence

“ Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity”

- Andrew Ng

Now be a part of the world that is led by Artificial Intelligence. The Artificial Intelligence course offered by FUEL provides students with the foundation and advanced skills in the principles and technologies that underlie AI including logic, knowledge representation, probabilistic models, and machine learning.

Today, the world is at the foot of Artificial Intelligence. We are living in the times of digital revolution, hence having the appropriate knowledge and skills related to AI can broaden one’s horizon and open gates to several opportunities for them.


FUEL’s Artificial Intelligence course has been curated for students to gain deeper knowledge about the subject and hence master the field. The course shall be conducted by Professors who have a substantial amount of experience in the industry and bear an extensive understanding of the subject.

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Modules to be covered in the course

  • Python
  • Python Libraries
  • What is AI
  • Introduction to ML
  • Supervised Algorithms & Unsupervised Algorithms
  • Introduction to Deep Learning
  • Practical applications of ML and DL
  • OpenCV
  • Tensorflow
  • Face & Eye Detection using OpenCV & Haar Cascade
  • Tensorflow Classification & Object Detection
  • Object Detection using Tensorflow
  • Google Colaboratory, Jupyter Notebook
  • Github

Master the world of Machines with FUEL’s Artificial Intelligence Course!!!!

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